ESSE Golden Leaf

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ESSE Gold Leaf Super Slims 3 mg tar and 0.3 mg nicotine

Esse Golden Leaf was first launched in 2007. Renowned fashion designer Lee Sang-bong designed the carton using calligraphy of Kim So-wol’s poem “Nimgwabeot (You and Friend).”

The product, made from high-quality cigarette leaves, has been receiving favorable responses both from domestic and foreign consumers.

It is currently the best-selling super-slim cigarette in the world and is exported to 40 countries.

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13 reviews for ESSE Golden Leaf


    Some cigarettes were all banged up but overall I’m happy I will definitely order again.

  2. Anonymous

    Great quality tobacco products! Ciggies World provided great customer service and the delivery time was very quick. I do not have the opportunity to try super slims where I live because they are not available here, so I appreciate that ciggies world was able to provide me with this experience! Highest regards of ciggies world.

  3. skim

    As long as you are not expecting a very full flavored cigarette but something more delicate but still has a nice flavor, this is the cigarette.

    The packaging itself is splendid.

  4. Daniel

    Pleasantly surprised by the smooth taste of these.

  5. alexander g.

    Not a bad taste but hard to drag and women’s cig.

  6. Daniel

    Light and smooth. Real easy to smoke, doesn’t leave your throat feeling like you’ve gargled with sandpaper. Also fantastic packaging, a real delight compared to what you get in Aus.

  7. hugo_soarez

    Great ciggies !! Love them , the Lemon you definitly feel the good lemony taste ! Orange you also taste and feel the diference but is not very orange orange flavour , it´s more like a diferent type of critrus taste. But the lemon capsul is definitly great and taste like lemon , definitly worth buying

  8. Anonymous

    Unfortunately I have not received my order.

  9. negin F.

  10. Ivan

    First low tar type I’ve tried, and would definitely recommend. They’re heaps smooth and the filters are really nice quality, plus they’re not as ‘heavy’ or ‘strong’ as other brands I’ve tried.

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