Camel Purple Mint

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Camel Activate Purple Mint – Control your flavor – Press to Activate.

20 Class A cigarettes. 8mg of tar and 0.6mg of nicotine

This cigarette is the first cigarette containing “tangy” capsule in Asia. This has become a trend in the Asian countries with the presence of this excellent products from Japan Tobacco International (JTI). They also produce other similar brands such as Winston Purple Mint and Mevius Options.

Camel Activate Purple Mint is a menthol cigarette with the additional grape-flavor “boost” capsule (in this case adding a sense of “tangy” to a cigarette). Purple capsule in this cigarette has a slightly different function compared to Marlboro Ice Blast. In the case of Marlboro Ice Blast, the taste of the cigarettes after clicked does not change so dramatically, there is only a slight sensation of mint but with a stronger menthol. While in this cigarette at first just the usual menthol taste, but after clicked the grape flavor will kick in. So this Camel Purple Mint is more comparable to Marlboro Purple Burst.

Camel of Japan Tobacco International since 1913.



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84 reviews for Camel Purple Mint

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  1. Paul

    They remind me of a Camel crush but with a grape twist. The grape flavor’s pretty potent when you crack the little grape ball in the filter. It’s a minty grape flavor with tobacco backdrop but mostly you’re gonna taste the grape. Really good though. I’d recommend it.

  2. michael

    Great menthol to begin with, nice and light, not too heavy. Cracking the capsule you will get a burst of grape flavor which is so good, it doesn’t last too long but still one of my favorites!

  3. Ross

    The only bad thing about this is tobacco itself is pretty bland on its own.That’s the only reason I’m giving it a four(and a half) out of five. But that does make it so you can concentrate on the grape flavor more. It reminds me of some of the flavors from “This Africa — Random Five” pack that’s in the flavored section of this site. Won’t leave your lungs too full of crap either. Weather you’re into flavor/menthol cigarettes or not its worth the 5.80 for the experience alone. Ciggies World treats me great so that’s why I keep buying.

  4. fred

    packaging was different to this image but still brilliant quality, menthol was stronger than expected, would of preferred a light hint of menthol so the grape flavour came through stronger.

    overall taste when crushing the capsule was great, grape flavour was very noticeable on exhale. would definitely buy again

  5. Joseph

    Good cig a little strong on the menthol but CiggiesWorld is hands down the best way to get these smokes

  6. Justin C.

    Little bit powerful, but loved the grape mint flavour

  7. Samuel P.

    Good unique camel taste

  8. Anonymous

    Great service. Delivery time is about 4 weeks, which is normal. Product is also very good.

  9. Carolee W.

    Nice – strong

  10. Anonymous

    They are ok

  11. Harley

    These are good but not as good as the Marlboro version.

  12. Kieran Ross

    Cheap, shipped over without problems, not the best tasting cigarettes but that’s just camel

  13. iLikeFruityCigs

    These are decent and have a much better taste than uk cigs. Would like a bit more of a berry taste but they are good. Also came with a small biscuit donut and some tea! Would highly recommend ordering from ciggiesworld as it was simple and only took 15 days. Nice!

  14. Summerlee T.

    If you like menthol they are awesome

  15. Kevin

    The grape was there as a really sweet flavor but the menthol ultimately overpowers it.

  16. Anonymous

    Good Berry flavor.

  17. Anonymous

    taste like cherry tunes. nice to try for a change. great service from cgw as always.

  18. Justin O’Connor

    Taste good too weak

  19. Anonymous

    A bit different flavor, took a bit of getting used to.

  20. Billie Jean T.

    HUGE HIT with friends

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