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The taste and flavor of the cigarette is distinctive of an American blend smoke, offering satisfying smoking experience, while it features a well-balanced, smooth-tasting palate.The tar values are 10 mg for the Camel Black Box and 6 mg for the Camel White Box.?To create stylish and modern designs, a curved-pack, featuring edges that have been tapered off into smooth curves, and black and white, for the ultimate in simplicity, are used for the cigarette packaging.

10mg of Tar and 0.9mg of Nicotine

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  1. Michael

    Classic Camel flavour comes through as you smoke it all the way to the end, although there was slight chemical taste throughout the smoke, which made it slightly harsh on the throat. Apart from that, great cigarette. Would buy again πŸ™‚

  2. Simon Cooper

    While enjoyable, a chemical taste does come through making it a bit harsh. Pack looks great and love the silver and black design.

  3. Demi

    I would have to say so far in my experience I liked these the best. They are a nice relaxing cig that burns well (most cigs burn faster then Im used to as I live in Canada and the tobacco cigs are really moist when you open then fresh out of a pack which can benice for some people but not with these cigs most of them are just natural tobacco apparently with nothing else added) and has a good filter with no perforations.
    Not much to say other then a very enjoyable, relaxing cig if a good , strong camel is what you’re looking for and I will definitely be getting more of these because I don’t like Canadian cigarettes anymore!

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