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The manufacturer of this tobacco (Ootmarsum) has always been associated with craftsmanship, but they are also very inventive. The youngest innovation from goes by the name of Black Devil. A unique new concept, a special flavored ‘total black’ fun cigarette.

Black Devil is a new cigarette than can be called unique in more than one aspect. A challenging, chique black package, a black cigarette and, last but not least, a special flavor that creates a surprising and comforting taste and fragance.

Black Devil is a fun concept, to smoke in addition to your own brand or on its own. It appeals to a 20s audience and is successful in the nightlife scene. You will be noticed with a pack of Black Devil and that is what people are looking for these days. This has become very clear after a successful introduction of Black Devil in several western European markets and Asia.



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13 reviews for Black Devil Chocolate Flavor

Based on 13 reviews
  1. Mathew

    these were one of 6 things I ordered, took 17 days to arrive. when I ordered these I was thinking they’d have a paper similar to prime times. however the paper on these is not quite as thick although still thicker than normal cigarettes. there really smooth with 3 or 4 small lines of perforations on the filter. to clear any uncertainty these ARE clove cigarettes. which when smoked do have a slight chocolate flavor but its not very noticeable

  2. Jason

    I`m used to smoking roll your own tobacco infused with chocolate essence,so in comparison these are very mild in flavour but enjoyable all the same. Worth trying and worth ordering again. Thanks CiggiesWorld!

  3. Cindy

    Black devils have been one of my favourites but i have been unable to find them for so long.
    Initially skeptical if they’d ever arrive, i ordered anyway and was pleasantly rewarded when they showed up about 2-3 weeks later!!!

  4. Joshua

    no chocolate flavor detectable. only the taste of tobacco.

  5. Joe

    Tried these cigs a while ago & liked them. Couldn’t find them anywhere in Adl S.A. Happened to come across them through you & bought a couple packs. Nice

  6. Steve

    Taste like cheap tobacco cannot taste the chocolate at all compared to what black devil use to be with their chocolate smokes

  7. Denice

    All thats special about this is the color. No flavor. Just nasty cigarettes. Nowhere on the packs i got did it say chocolate or cherry(what i ordered) and im pretty sure I got ripped off. Never buying these again. Waste of money.

  8. Potatos_and_Rice

    Really nice body, the taste was mild but that’s fine to me. If anything you get a chocolate caramel taste in the paper. Just bought another pack and one of the special flavours. Please bring back all the other flavours CiggiesWorld!!

  9. Mustafa Naji

    looks like ultra light cigarettes , not interested of these kinds .

  10. Mark

    I expected these to taste like chocolate but the taste was very little to no chocolate taste in it, but the tobacco is tolerable. Kinda disappointed in these, but I’m willing to buy the other Black Devil flavours (if CiggiesWorld hopefully restocks).

  11. Nguyen Nguyen

    Nice flavour, not much of chocolate, very little sweet.


    I haven’t tried those before so as for me they were quite fine. My friend however feels the different with the old ones. Here only the filter tastes. But the delivery was fast and I was very satisfied with that and with the possibility to track it.

  13. Landskab

    An old Italian pack of Black Devil cigarettes, with an Italian text warning at the bottom of the pack. Since March 2010, flavoured cigarettes can no longer be sold in France in a bid by the French government to combat youth smoking .

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