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“Yuxi” is named for the producing place Yuxi, which is praised as “Home town of Yunyan” for producing quality tobacco leaves. It used to be called as Yunyan from 1969 to 1978 when produced by Yuxi and Kunming Cigarette Factories. Since 1982, it has used a brand as “Yuxi”. Now, as a representative of fragrant cigarette, it is sold mainly in China.

It is a specially made top filter cigarette. The cigarette is produced with the top quality tobacco leaf purified naturally and the natural essence on the modern production line. The whole process of cutting, rolling, and packing is strictly controlled and checked, which guarantee the stable quality. The filaments of the cigarette are golden and bright; the fragrance is sweet and pure; the taste is agreeable and comfortable; and the ashes are gray. The small packs: 84mm 20 pieces in paper pack, is well shaped and easy for smoking. It was selected as the quality product of Yunnan Province in 1986. In 1988, it gained the Special Medal at Shengzhen “China Product Trade Mark Design Contest”. In 1989, it received the Prize of Quality Packing of Yunnan. In 1989, it received the golden medal at China First Food Exhibition.

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  1. justinsoutherland1980

    I don’t smoke many “regular” cigarettes these days since I much prefer kretek, but these are a good smoke for sure. The flavor is rich yet bright, very reminiscent of Lucky Strikes from before the implementation of the “Fire Safe Cigarette” laws, which ruined the flavor completely. When I first opened the pack i noticed an interesting smell that I couldn’t place. It wasn’t very strong, just a faint hint of something. After a day or so I could no longer detect that smell. I will probably buy these again, along with a few other Chinese brands I’ve yet to try.

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