Mac Baren Vanilla Cream 40g

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Mac Baren Vanilla Cream Loose Cut (40 gr)

Vanilla Cream Loose cut is recognized as a slow burning pipe tobacco with a balanced taste of exotic vanilla and natural tobacco.

The colourful blend consists of loose cut Virginia tobaccos, light brown Burleys, a sweet and soft Modern Cavendish. It is finally mixed with small plugs of flake tobacco.

After processing, the tobaccos are gently mixed together and an exceptional vanilla flavour is added. This selection creates an outstanding blend with superior flavour, unique aroma and a distinctive taste experience.

Blended By Mac Baren
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Black Cavendish, Virginia
Flavoring Cream, Vanilla
Cut Ribbon
Packaging 40g Pouch
Country Denmark

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Weight50 g

4 reviews for Mac Baren Vanilla Cream 40g

  1. William F.

    just OK

  2. David

    I think the quality control department was napping when these were made. The cigarette is either quite nice, with decent flavor and body for a light kretek, or very acrid, leaving a very dirty aftertaste. I have only had one pack though, so maybe I just got a bad one.

    This is my first order with ciggiesworld, and it won’t be my last. Payment is very easy, emails are answered promptly, and my variety pack order was 100% complete. Very professional. Thank you ciggiesworld.

  3. kenny

    Very decent cigarette! The flavor was pretty good. It had that classic clove sweetness to it. Take a nice drag from the sugar coated butt and you can taste that beautifully hear. It has similar features to a Djarum Black. It’s about the same consistency to one and would look just like one if it weren’t for the labeling on the cigarette butt. The only problem I had with this was the extremely weak body. The smoke was too airy and I can honestly say I’ve had e-cigs that were stronger than this, which is surprising to me since there were no perforations in the cigarette butt.

    Flavor – 9/10
    Smoothness – 10/10 (TOO SMOOTH!)
    Body – 4/10
    Packaging – 10/10 (Can’t go wrong w/ red&black)

    Would I recommend these to someone? Probably.

    Would I buy these again? Possibly yes.

  4. soispasignunt

    Sweet smell and a taste like coconut, which I found very pleasant. These get compared to Djarum Blacks a lot, mainly as a budget version, but beside the look they have nothing in common. My only complaint and what keeps it from being a 5-star rating is the fact that they are rolled too tight – I found myself having to pull entirely too hard. Sometimes I would get annoyed and put it out in exchange for an unfiltered that would give me no resistance. On nights when I would treat it as a wind-down cig and would slowly pull I found it to be rather enjoyable, just not something I could ever see as an everyday cig because I’m used to a deeper draw.

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