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Kopiko candy from the real coffee extract to keeps you awake. Real pocket coffee anytime, anywhere.

The Kopiko advises “4-5 sweets contain the caffeine equivalent of a cup of espresso” for the original coffee flavor, while the cappuccino flavor sweets contain “around half the caffeine” of the original coffee flavor.[5]

The Caffeine Informer website estimates the caffeine content of the original coffee flavor to be “about 20-25 mg per piece since usually a cup of coffee is referring to 100 mg of caffeine.”

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12 reviews for Kopiko Coffee Candy

  1. Susan L.


  2. Selectivity

    What a lovely little pack of cigarettes. GG Signatures are the same size as regular cigarettes, and they are even 20 to a pack; very nice indeed. They are simple but tasty; you get nice tobacco, a sweetened filter paper, and a kretek taste that is perfectly balanced for the tobacco. They crackle nicely, and the kretek/spicy aroma is also unlike other kreteks that I have tried, giving them a unique flavour that is all their own.

    GG Signatures are not spectacular, but rather very solid, reliable and satisfying. I certainly recommend trying these. A Djarum Super will impress you greatly; these will not necessarily do that, but I find that after a few Supers (or other big, rich kreteks), I often want a smaller, less extravagant, more straight-to-the point cigarette. This is that cigarette, for me. Again, recommended.

    Ciggies World is even more recommended. They handle everything in an efficient manner. Proper packaging, communication and that lovely speediness – you place your order and finalize payment, and 1-2 days later (time zone differences and holidays will of course affect this), the shipment is on its way.

    Do try Gudang Garam Signatures, and make sure to buy them from Ciggies World.

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