Harley Davidson Folding Knife Lighter

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Folded size: 7cm

Knife length: 5cm

Color: Gold and Silver

Lighter type: Jet Torch Lighter

We will send random color.



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Weight90 g

87 reviews for Harley Davidson Folding Knife Lighter

  1. Sang Surya

    As mentioned by DTREE, these can be quite harsh on the throat. However, these firm kreteks can be made milder and smoother to draw by simply rolling the ciggie in your hands until the stick becomes softer and less firm.

    This is what I would recommend for those trying kreteks for the first time.

  2. Alex


  3. Spencer B

    Old favorite, with four more.

  4. Jamie

    Struggling to like these ones. Made me feel a bit nauseous and a bit sick towards the end. Weird cus I loved the Djarum Supers. Good long smoke though. Great service from the site as always.

  5. Romy

    top notch clove cigs, good flavour, and as strong as they get. Great delivery and customer service.

  6. Manfred S.

    stronger than GG Pro

  7. harold levine

    my favorites- perfectly rolled with just the right amount of cloves

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