Wismilak Green Non-Filtered

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Wismilak Green Non-Filtered – pure and distinctive with choice of tobacco and cloves mixture which are unique to this kretek.

Unfiltered cigarettes using tobacco grade A with a mixture of cloves and sauces that guarantee pleasure of smoking. Available in hard and soft packs of each 12 cigarettes per pack.

Wismilak Green – 12 non-filter clove cigarettes.

6 Mg Tar and 2.2 Mg Nicotine.

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Weight33 g

Carton, Pack

9 reviews for Wismilak Green Non-Filtered

  1. Ariel

    My favorite of the clove cigarettes that I tried. Hand rolled, so different sizes which is fun. Smooth clove flavor with no harshness.

  2. antonelloloddo2

    These are very strong, but harsh on throat,
    and the smell when you open the pack,
    not very nice.
    Gudang Garam Deluxe in comparison,
    are not harsh at all, and the kick is more gradual.

  3. jordanbrownsemail

    Its been a while since I smoked these but I wanted to write a review. These are in the category of what I call ass kicker cigarettes. I remember each cigarette wasn’t exactly the same size. Length wise it was but the width of all the cigarettes were different some were more thick or more thin. The cigarette logo near the bottom was a neat little green design and the smell of the cigarette I remember just being very clove. the tobacco its self is so packed tight you can barely get a draw at all when first lighting these up but once your about 3/4th finished its smoother on the draw. The taste I would describe the taste as like the smoke of a burning tire that’s been sugared down with a tiny drop of mint flavor in the smoke. Its clove-ish enough but there is something else to the tobacco I will say that much. The buzz is very nice of course they are as I have said “ass-kickers” and worth trying if you like full flavored clove cigarettes without filter.

  4. Selectivity

    Wismilak Green was a pleasant surprise. Nice smoke, nice tobacco, nice cloves, some spicy hints and fullness, and – The Scent.

    I don´t have a clue what The Scent is, absolutely no idea. It is sweetish, round, doesn´t smell synthetic, and is clearly felt from the unlit cigarette, as well as in the smoke. I asked other people (non-smokers) what they felt about The Scent, and, well, no one knew what it was, or recognized it in any way.

    – Hey, what do you think this smells like?
    – *sniff sniff*… Oh, that´s very nice, what´s that smell?
    – I don´t know, I´m asking you.
    – Well, it smells very nice indeed, sort of… green?
    – “Green”? Are you saying that because there is a green band on the cigarette?
    – No, I really do think it smells nicely green.

    3 days later…

    – Please, give it another try. What does this cigarette smell like?
    – Still don´t have a clue. It´s really nice.
    – The other day you said that it smells green.
    – … no, it doesn´t. It doesn´t smell green.
    – But… help me out here, ok? Try to identify that scent.
    – Well… It´s not patchouli.
    – ….

    I have tried 19 different kreteks so far, and none of them smelled like this. I suppose that maybe, possibly, if one were to take 15 different scented candles, with fairly light and natural scents, and melt them down and mix them into one big glob, then one might end up with a glob that smells vaguely like Wismilak Green. Maybe.

    So, unfiltered, nice, full, rich, lasts 15-20 mins if you smoke it right, satisfying, gives that unique smoking experience – it is a True Kretek, then. And it has The Scent.
    While Djarum 76 is clearly a lot better for me, this is still very, very good, and so far, entirely unique. I urge you to buy it and try it at least once. And when you have done that, please do review it here (like you should do with all cigarettes that you buy from Ciggies World), and identify that scent, because I just can´t figure out what it is. I only know one thing: it´s not patchouli.

    Ciggies World aren´t patchouli either, they are simply the best at what they do. Buy from Ciggies World with confidence.

  5. jennyC

    These are okay. A decent hand rolled Kretek, very strong, pretty paper logo-ing, I enjoyed but probably won’t buy again.

  6. Ross

    It’s spicy, full bodied, and good taste. I would give it a 4.5 if there were an option. It’s definitely fantastic and will buy again. Out of the 20+ different products I’ve gotten from this site this is on the good side. It’s similar to the Djarums.

  7. Marco Neri

    To me, average quality. So: not bad, but I will not order them in future.

  8. Anonymous

    Excellent service . No holdups.

  9. katiebendersoutherland

    These are one of my favorite non-filtered kretek. The flavor is like no other kretek I’ve tried. It’s a sage-like taste, very herbaceous. Usually they draw well and are not too tightly rolled, unlike some other non-filtered kretek. Also they are KING SIZE and will burn for twenty minutes if you’re not rushing it. Sit back and savor.

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