Wismilak Diplomat

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Wismilak Diplomat are premium filter cigarettes made ​​from a mixture of tobacco and best cloves to create that perfect taste of kretek.

A blend of finest quality tobacco and cloves which produce a perfect taste, offering a pride and satisfaction in smoking.

Filtered Clove Cigarettes 2.3 Mg Nicotine 39 Mg Tar.

1 carton contains 10 packs.

1 pack contains 16 cigarettes.

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Weight33 g

47 reviews for Wismilak Diplomat

  1. Rodrigo

    You guys are brilliant! Excellent products and attention to the customers

  2. Sev

    The DBM’s have a bit of a personality disorder. They don’t really feel like a clove cigarette but they also don’t feel like a menthol cigarette. I am not a heavy smoker but I do enjoy a cigarette at the end of day or with a cup of tea in the morning and I usually smoke menthols. I would say its definitely worth trying and making up your own mind and I would recommend it if you were feeling a bit adventurous. Love Ciggies World great service, great product definitely worth the wait.

  3. Katelyn

    These Diplomats came off as almost too strong and a little strange the first time I had them, but after getting a quarter into my first stick, they revealed themselves to be very tasty and satisfying. You don’t want to rush these, their unique flavor holds up better when savored. The tip is quite sweet, but the kretek itself burns boldly and balanced.

  4. ken

    for smokers who like a cigarette with a different taste i would recommend nicer than the standard menthol cigarettes

  5. Madeline

    Ok these are soooo good

  6. Scott

    The quality of Djarum Black Menthols is superb. The cigs are slimmer, come in packs of 16 rather than 12, and the taste is much smoother than the U.S version. I have smoked them for years, and I am so happy to be a client of CiggieWorld! Their service is outstanding.

  7. Austin – 19 of age.

    These cigarettes are INCREDIBLE let me tell you… if you are a Menthol smoker and live in the US, do not buy anymore Newports or anything else ANYMORE.
    Order these.. just give them a chance honestly.
    because after i ordered 1 pack, that was it.
    i’m never smoking american cigarettes ever again.
    it took about a week for my order to ship which was a little annoying, but than again i live in the us and they’re coming from Indonesia
    Best Menthol cigs by far, thank you Ciggiesworld!

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