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Van Nelle – Zware Shag Tobacco

Unique powerful recipe.

Since 1782 Van Nelle has fiercely protected its secret recipe. Van Nelle’s tobacco comes from North American tobacco fields and is fire cured on oak wood. The tobacco is transported across the wild seas and brought safely to the Netherlands, where it is blended into its distinctive dark, strong character. Exactly as intended by Johannes Van Nelle back in 1782.

De Erven De Wed.J.Van Nelle – De Reijzende Hoop

In some countries this blend of Van Nelle is branded as White Ox.

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39 reviews for Van Nelle – Zware Shag 50g

Based on 39 reviews
  1. Simon

    My order took 2 weeks to arrive, however it was well worth the wait. When you open the pouch your hit with an amazing rich dark tobacco smell, and when smoked it only gets better. It has to be one of the strongest tobaccos i’ve had, unfiltered the buzz you get from it is incredible. Would recommend this to anyone who likes a strong rich smoke with a massive nicotine hit.
    Thanks ciggiesworld for another quality product.

  2. JLC

    This tobacco is strong. It will keep you buzzing long after you have smoked it – filtered or not.

    It goes down smooth, has a dark, rich taste and it is thoroughly enjoyable. Make sure to add this to your next order!

    As always Ciggies World is perfect: great prices, fast shipping and arrived sealed.

  3. john

    A strong rich taste for cheap im going to buy more

  4. Nick

    I have never tried this brand of rolling tobacco before, but I have to say I am impressed. The aroma presents a great experience ahead and the taste at the back of the throat validates that this is a fine quality pleasurable tobacco. I highly recommend it to those who like a robust taste….Enjoy it like I have!

  5. Paul

    delivery could have been quicker < but overall I'm very happy with your service

  6. congasmtemp

    damn good smoke. break it up before hand and enjoy yourself. better than my local NZ favorite. also these guys are legit. i received my 50 gram about 15 days after pruchase/
    I’m from new zealand. so if you’re from NZ buy these smokes, they’re the best they got

  7. graeme.bell61

    Van Nelle IS white ox.They brand it as white ox in Australia and van nelle everywhere else.OX is a popular tobacco in Australia as it is so strong and can be rolled thin.
    If you are a white ox smoker then buy van nelle and save a bundle.

  8. David Dornian

    My favourite after trying many others. Ciggiesworld provides good mail order service.

  9. Sharestha Drall

    It’s strong. REALLY STRONG. It smells like a campfire and it’s not a huge thing on my list but, the texture of the tobacco is great and it rolls beautifully.

  10. moomw54

    best than zware shag of mac baren . Very Strong dark tobacco , havey , cant describe the awesome aroma and smell

  11. Mustafa Naji

    The problem is only you can buy one , hope they fix the problem .

  12. peter

    An addictive aroma,strong taste yet very smooth.I prefer a Dutch blend to other tobacco and Van nelle is great, I now prefer this to Drum.Well done Ciggiesworld keep up the stock .

  13. Bryan

    My favorite brand

  14. Anonymous

    Prompt service, clear instructions and delivered in 20 days. Fine quality tobacco.

  15. Anonymous

    Good strong stuff. Though more similar to White Ox than the real Van Nelle Zwaar shag.

  16. peter

    A smooth rich flavoured dark tobacco,great if you like zware shag

  17. Anonymous

    Awesome thanku.
    Quick delivery. Easy online tracking and sales.
    Great work thanku

  18. Anonymous

    Similar to the drum but a lot harsher without the taste

  19. Marcellino Stet

    I was a bit sceptical but you guys have prove me wrong so well done CiggiesWorld. Just one query have deposited moneys for Drum tobacco and ciggie paper’s but haven’t got anything yet still waiting.

  20. luke.nepiac

    In regards to ciggies worlds role they delivered their product in fast and fresh. Packaging was secure and discreet. As for the tobacco it was strong and flavourful. Was sold as Whiteox in australia

  21. Anonymous

    To strong for me delivery was awesome

  22. Pat66

    I am Dutch and smoke this for lots of years, my parents just send me some to the USA , missed the smell of the burning tobacco and the flavor and didn’t know could just order it online, best tobacco ever . Enjoy

  23. graeme

    Quality fresh fast service.

  24. Mustafa Abdullah Naji

    fine shag dark tobacco

  25. graeme bell

    Top service!

  26. LH

    When only the best will do

    Thanks Ciggie World

  27. stephan flikweert

    Alright like that..

  28. David D.

    simply the best

  29. R. L.


  30. natalie

    These are ok but prefer the country man more great service tho

  31. Justin Emmet Occnor

    white ox strong as gives a huge buzz….trust me i smoke camel for 30yrs this stuff is way stronger

  32. Joshua

    I first tried this in the hold of a ship from Amsterdam! It was the best smoke I’ve had…at least for a cigarette. Strongly recommend this product and company. Thanks y’all!

  33. Russell

    Prolly one of my favorite tobaccos now. Good aroma and nice hit, like to mix it with vanilla

  34. Rocky Bakker

    Grew up with this Tobacco, to say my father smoked it, I’m from the Netherlands originally and when it arrived, the moment I opened the pack I was brought back to a memory of my dad, I’m not a huge smoker but I am glad I was able to get this brand and be able to have a cigarette with my dad in memory.

  35. Kim

    was a bit dried out but better than any American brand!

  36. Kim

    very dry. Going to try another order.

  37. Anonymous

    it was dry but i fixed that …also the nicotine hits like a train …this stuff is strong

  38. Greg G.

    My favorite. Cannot find this anywhere near me.

  39. Dewi Au – Yeung


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