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Mild Seven to be renamed Mevius

Mevius Original Blue – Round box – Charcoal fiilter

A product of JT International, Japan.

Mild Seven cigarettes are the third widest smoked cigarette in the world, behind Marlboro and Camel. Manufactured originally in Tokyo, by Japanese Tobacco Inc. it has been a top seller since its creation in 1977. Originally manufactured in Japan as a variant of the popular Seven Stars brand, it is the second largest cigarette brand in the world.

9 mg of tar and 0.7 mg nicotine

Made in Japan.


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24 reviews for Mevius Original

  1. Marcus

    Really smooth

  2. Kevin

    Just like how I remember. Smooth taste and wasn’t stale. You guys deliver a great product fresh too.

  3. Erol Celik

    Beautiful medium/heavy regular smoke. Good light taste, fast and lite smoking. My go to regular. Thanks again Ciggiesworld <3

  4. Aaron H.

    Still a great cigarette brand but I miss the old 7 Stars brand as well. I’m not even sure if Mevius still has charcoal filters like before.

  5. Brossovitch

    Finally I have found a good tasting cigarette with a charcoal filter. Ever since Parliament changed their blend and did away with the charcoal filters I’ve been dying to find a replacement. These cigarettes taste almost identical to the old Parliament blend, and the charcoal filter is great. I’ll definitely purchase more, unless Parliament begins using charcoal filters again (not likely). These are a great regular smoke (and no FSC!), just don’t smoke them down too far or you will start smoking the charcoal. Otherwise great cigs. Thanks CIGGIESWORLD!

  6. scott bihari

    They didn’t have a package date, and tasted a little dry. Overall they were good.

  7. James

    Unfortunately the flavour of these cigarettes was not the same as the one I had tried from an exchange student a while back. The tobacco did not have a distinctive flavour to it. Though I did receive a duty free pack with an English warning on it. It was made in Japan but the flavour was not to my expectations. I found the smoke to be a little harsh and the flavour was a lot like a Players or even Viceroy Canadian cigarette. Again I am not sure if it is because they are a duty free version but the pack does say made in japan in English so I don’t know.
    Not my preferred choice. I’ll have to keep looking.

  8. Anonymous

    If JDM was a taste, this would be it.

  9. Bren

    I have been enjoying Mild Seven for a week now and so far would count them among the best. The charcoal filter makes for a smooth smoke with the tobacco blend giving just the right amount of crisp high notes in a full body. I will be ordering some more and might try the lighter ones too, just to see if they are as satisfying. slightly larger than average filter. elegant smoking experience.

  10. Anonymous

    Really nice, made in Japan

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