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Mac Baren Raw Blond 20g. Natural Authentic Tobaco. Bright leaf blond. Truly additive free.

Raw Blond is a smooth American style blendmade of naturally high sugar Virginia tobaccos from USA, rich Burley leaves from Brazil and an added touch of Sun-Cured Orient tobacco from Greece. The leaves are hand selected for the best smoking qualities and the stems are carefully removed by hand. Finally the tobacco is naturally barn cured using a centuries old process.

Made by Mac Bren Tobacco Company in Svendborg, Denmark.

Raw Papers made in Alcoy Spain; The birthplace of rolling paper. #rawlife

The Natural Way To Roll.

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32 reviews for Mac Baren Raw Blond 20g

  1. Ariff Medwin

    Not popular

  2. Lovin k Johnson

    Very sharp tasting or light tasting smooth tobacco. Nice nasal notes.

  3. Fraser Peel

    Interesting and tasty. Not too mild but not too rich.

  4. Aaron

    These were good kreteks, but I didn’t get the strong kretek taste like I expected, they tasted like chemicals near the end.

  5. Sean

    Good trustworthy seller! ive made 5 orders from the UK and all 5 turned up within 2.5 weeks, some arrive in 10 days

  6. Anonymous

    Excellent smoke.

  7. Justin Emmet Occnor

    pretty bland really and i smoke thirty years…i prefer pueblo much stronger and nicer,drum or port royal or many others.

  8. Daniel

    This are amazing very strong nice smell amazing taste. These were a new expierence but it was an amazing 1. Pack is good apart from they cant be closed once opened. But kretek is 10 out of 10. Amazing and highly recommended by me. Enjoy πŸ˜€

  9. Rina

    Goes great with my morning coffee! Has a good hit, not as strong as Dji Sam Soe but certainly stronger than Djarum Blacks or regular clove cigarettes. I usually smoke Sampoerna Milds and smoke unfiltered cloves for those long relaxing afternoons. Well-balanced flavor, not too fruity like the 76. I agree with another reviewer about the cigarette aftertaste in your mouth close to the end. But surprisingly, my hands didn’t have that strong cigarette smell afterwards.

    Not as numbing as the Dji Sam Soe again but still more than the regular kretek. The sweet taste on the paper is very mild. Good for special smokes, you better be a hardcore nicotine addict to smoke these often and regularly. I think it’s hard to compare these to the 76 since the flavor is very different, I’d say even unique since it’s had to name one that comes close. But if you even remotely like kreteks, this is a good one to try. You won’t be disappointed.

    Note about ordering:
    Shipping was faster than I expected. Order was shipped with a tracking number 4 days after I placed it and arrived 10 days after it was shipped. Please add more unfiltered kreteks to your site!!! Thanks!

  10. Anonymous

    Was good tobbaco, but was old and dry. Date on package said 2017

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