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Mac Baren Raw Blond 20g. Natural Authentic Tobaco. Bright leaf blond. Truly additive free.

Raw Blond is a smooth American style blendmade of naturally high sugar Virginia tobaccos from USA, rich Burley leaves from Brazil and an added touch of Sun-Cured Orient tobacco from Greece. The leaves are hand selected for the best smoking qualities and the stems are carefully removed by hand. Finally the tobacco is naturally barn cured using a centuries old process.

Made by Mac Bren Tobacco Company in Svendborg, Denmark.

Raw Papers made in Alcoy Spain; The birthplace of rolling paper. #rawlife

The Natural Way To Roll.

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32 reviews for Mac Baren Raw Blond 20g

  1. Jessica

    Great service and product just as described

  2. Michael

    These are unfiltered king size, and they are pretty thick. They don’t taper like most unfiltered kreteks. The smell of these is amazing. So densely sweet and spicy. Definitely the most unique smelling and tasting out of all of the kreteks I’ve had. If you’ve ever burned Himalayan rope incense or Bhutanese Yolmo incense, the unique spicey note in that incense really comes through in these cigarettes. The eugenol numbing effect is incredibly strong on these too. They taste top notch, but they are pretty harsh on your throat because of the density of the smoke and the thickness of the cig. They burn remarkably fast for an unfiltered cigarette, let alone king-sized.

  3. $pence

    GG Merahs have been my favorite kretek since the 1980s. Very strong with excellent flavor. They are consistent and always deliver a rich tobacco/clove balance from beginning to end.
    I prefer unfiltered kreteks. It never made sense to me to mute the experience with a chunk of cotton.
    I typically keep several types of unfiltered kreteks on hand and smoke the type that seems right for the moment. Ciggies World offers a better selection than any that was available to me when these use to be sold in local shops. In addition, they have excellent, reliable service. If you are a fan of kreteks, you have hit the jackpot by finding Ciggies World.

  4. Trevor

    Djarum blacks were my go to for some time, but these wonderful unfiltered Merahs are one of my new favorite smokes. Great for an overcast morning, or shared with a significant other while still in bed. The flavor is sweet, the draw is smooth, and the smell is like Nag Champa incense. You’ll enjoy this smoke again and again

  5. Frank

    a new profile and well selected

  6. Nick B.

    So far these have been my favorite of the unfiltered kreteks I have tried. Smooth draw on these unlike some other unfiltereds I have had. Thick, flavorful smoke. Definitely a lung-full. Not for the faint of heart!

  7. Marco Neri

    To me, the second best Kretek. Unfortunately, this time they were a bit dry, but not so the first time I got them.

  8. Senn

    I was searching so lobg for this product, happy to have found it!

  9. Anonymous

    Excellent service. No holdups.

  10. Shane

    These smell delicious, spicy and fruity. A top smelling kretek for sure. Smoke great but can be strong. After taste is bleh like a cigarette which loses a star from me. Regular cig smokers wouldn’t notice I think. I prefer the 76s and dji sam soe so this one is #3 for me.

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