Gudang Garam GG Shiver Menthol

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Gudang Garam GG Shiver. A state of the art filter technology is applied to deliver smooth coolness into every single draw for your utmost satisfaction.

GG Shiver is a premium machine-rolled menthol kretek cigarettes. Formulated for those who desire mild cigarette sensation with outstanding quality.

Gudang Garam GG Shiver is a blend of Indonesian best quality tobacco and cloves, offering the smooth sensation of mild cigarettes while still presenting the unique characteristic flavor of Gudang Garam. This kretek is specifically intended for those who are not willing to compromise with the quality of the cigarettes.

16 mild menthol kretek cigarettes. 14 mg tar and 1.0 mg nicotine.

Manufactured by Gudang Garam. Kediri, Indonesia.

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Weight33 g

12 reviews for Gudang Garam GG Shiver Menthol

Based on 12 reviews
  1. Nickolas

    The GG mild shiver are currently the only gudang garam menthol available as far as i can tell.. they are probably my second favorite menthol kreteks only behind the sampoerna a mild menthols.. Its nice to notice that gudang garam signature taste in the GG milds, and they have a great smell as well. the filter is quite sweet which adds a nice touch, and the menthol is nice but inconsistent. What i mean by that is the menthol in this cigarette is distributed through a green thread in the filter.. this being the kreteks only means of menthol makes for an unbalanced delivery throughout the burn. the krater starts off with a very mild touch of menthol and grows stronger the further down the kretek you smoke. at the end of the cigarette the menthol is very potent. overall tho the GG mild shiver have a great taste and are top quality menthol kreteks. my only criticism is the inconsistency of the menthol.

  2. Nickolas

    So i just got a third pack of GG shiver and unlike the first 2 i had, the menthol is very strong and consistent throughout the entire smoke.. just wanted to edit what i had said in my last review.. The menthol in this pack is very strong right from the start.. other than that the same things i said before still hold true. This new pack is not like the packs my last review were based on.. The menthol in this kretek is very strong and icy.

  3. DS

    These are my favorite menthol kretek. I thought the menthol was very consistent and good. Very smooth. You must like menthol because you can really taste it in these cigs. I like them a little better then Marlboro’s Umild or Sampoerna Menthol Mild’s both of which are very good in and of themselves. But the GG Shiver are my favorite. Ordered one pack at first to try out. Now I’m ordering a carton. Very smooth menthol kretek with sweet filtered tip. 16 cnt pack. A unique green thread throughout the cigarette. Looks like a little green dot in the filter itself. These are great quality and a aqua color “GG” symbol on the filtered tip. Then on the other side of the filter it says “shiver”. I really enjoy smoking these and will order again. Highly recommended.

  4. DS

    Really enjoyed these. Second time I’ve ordered them. No different then the first time. Smooth yet strong tasty menthol. Sweet tipped, high quality. Green dot in filter that runs the length of the cig. These are a must try for you menthol smokers out there. Very enjoyable smoke. Smooth and satisfying. Gudang Garam does it again. Good company with good kreteks.

  5. Cr34npc

    The menthol thread in filter is very unique… Its a light sweet menthol and i am enjoying it very much. I been sick past couple days with a fever and hacking up all kinds of stuff so it sucks to jones for a cig only to have it wish you didnt smoke…. These seem to work better than any cough syrup plus i get my nicotine fix. I know the eugonel isnt some magic medicine n with all the extra tar im not doing my body any favors… But im jus saying its great to enjoy a smoke even while im sick!!! I imagine my sense of taste is shot right now so im missing all the nuances and hints but these are still a great light menthol kretek. Def buy again.

  6. Michael

    These are “mild”, and as so, the clove notes aren’t so pronounced. These come in packs of 20 and are much slimmer than any other Gudang Garams. Mega sweet paper, like the Internationals. They burn super quickly, but I’m not such a fan as they are mild on the cloves. The menthol taste in these is just sort of weird. Very synthetic tasting, and pretty weak in sensation. They are good as a less clove-y kretek, and have less of an aftertaste than GG Ints.

  7. David S.

    Always a great menthol kretek. One of the better ones. Smooth, slow burning and great tasting. Has a green dot in the middle of the filter for a smooth menthol taste. No ball to crush here. Just light it and enjoy.

  8. Jessica K.

    weak menthol if that is what you like.

  9. David S.

    Always a winner if you like menthol.

  10. David S.

    GG always a great company. Menthol smooth and mild. One of my favorite menthol kreteks.

  11. David S.

    Menthol and clove. Excellent.

  12. Moazzam Ahmed


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