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*New packaging for the Dunhill

Dunhill Red – International – Created by our blends from exceptional tobacco.

The Dunhill Fine Cut International features finely cut tobacco crafted with pride by our master blenders since 1907 to deliver a more refined experience.

With 46 cuts per inch, Dunhill’s tobacco is a fine cut compared to other conventional cigarettes. The result is a unique and smooth taste.

Dunhill Red – Fine Cut International. Perfectionists in tobacco.

20 Fine Cut Non-FSC Cigarettes. 12 Mg of Tar and 0.9 Mg of Nicotine

Manufactured under the Authority of Dunhill Tobacco of London Limited.


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29 reviews for Dunhill Red

  1. Rachmaninov

    Love the RELOC innovation..all cigarette companies should be taking a leaf out of Dunhill’s book!

    The cigarette contains some very fine tobacco, rich in flavour, strong hit, but at the same time very smooth. My friend even tried to smoke it filterless, and he said it was a sweet, nutty tobacco!

    Thanks ciggiesworld!

  2. taobo

    very fast shipping, received the item with in one week.
    cigarettes are of high quality, Virginia blend? full flavour but very smooth.

  3. Lovin Johnson

    There is no doubt that the quality is there in tobacco and reloc box. But the format makes it a little weak and difficult to rig on a filter tip. A bigger cigarette might have earned it five stars because the flavour is there.

  4. Ethan

    These cigarettes were fantastic, I loved them.

  5. Reno

    After trying the Dunhill International (which were very good by the way) from ciggies world, I decided to try Dunhill Red.

    Now, what they say about the “Fine Cut” line being extremely smooth, is quite true. There is a difference in taste and smell of “Dunhill Red Fine Cut” and “Dunhill International”.

    Dunhill International has a dryer, slightly more sour aroma, with a hint of spiciness, and has a very light trace of a hay-like flavor (nice combo), but it does get slightly harsh sometimes, although not bad at all when compared to other brands.

    Dunhill Red Fine Cut has a more earthy, nutty, creamy and spicy taste. It is like taking a Dunhill International, mixing it partially with a Pall Mall Unfiltered, and making it super smooth. That is the best i can describe the taste (although i guarantee it will please most smokers). Also, i believe this particular Dunhill line has a cleaner taste more natural taste when compared to other Dunhill products.

    The shipping was also very fast (although the packaging could be more sturdy..).

    Definitely recommend.

  6. Krish

    These are a decent cigarette, good tobacco etc. only problem I had was that the filter is very long so hard to get a good draw and take in the flavour, it’s a smooth cigarette though.

    Also very happy with ciggies world there help and communication was great, il be placing another order.

  7. harry

    Its a good cig that burns slower to what I’m used to. The taste is good as well but not my favourite. Don’t get me wrong it is good would recommend to try

  8. Aaqib

    100 size. Burns slow, full flavor and very smooth.

  9. HWANG

    Nice smooth. and nicotine hit. It’s great great cigarette

  10. Fraser Peel

    Tasty and smooth. The packaging is pretty cool too

  11. michaelniu2000

    one of the nicest cigs ive tried. taste like dark chocolate

  12. Fletcher

    Fantastic Cigarette!
    Smooth, Lovely nicotine hit!
    Chocolate/nutty taste and there isn’t NO AFTERTASTE which is brilliant

    Definitely Recommend

  13. DIONE C.

    More or less.

  14. Anonymous

    These are from Indonesia. Similar to Dunhill International but in my opinion even higher quality tobacco. The taste is amazing. These are one of the best cigarettes I’ve ever smoked. 11/10

  15. Graeme Taylor


  16. antonelloloddo2

    Reloc is always ok, but this cig didn’t match my expectations, not a very good flavour.
    Maybe because now I am in the Kretek tunnel,
    regular cigarettes are much less good than before.

  17. Graeme Taylor

    The only problem I have is delivery is very slow sometimes 3 weeks

  18. Kwang T.

    Love this brand, smells very good and very smooth !

  19. Graeme Taylor


  20. Anonymous

    Great taste greatvalue

  21. John

    Very good

  22. nikki C.

    Dunhill reds are smooth and rich. The finest of them all. Quality assured

  23. Jeff T.

    These are fantastic smokes.

  24. Paul J.

    Don’t like the hollow filters

  25. Tracey

    Top shelf quality & recessed filter really improves taste. Thumbs up.

  26. Christine

    My favourite by far. Much better than Dunhills sold here in Aus, maybe due to nfs I’m not sure. Love em. Keep up the awesome work CiggiesWorld

  27. Sienna W.

    Awesome love the original packaging and very good price ❣️ thankyouuuuu

  28. Justin O’Connor

    Bit rough used to be great prefer camel

  29. review dailymacho.com


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