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Djarum Menthol is a blend of select cloves and tobaccos, with a cool menthol taste. It is a favorite of those who enjoy a truly unique,
refreshing experience.

Djarum Menthol was first introduced to the US market in 2003, together with Djarum Vanilla and Djarum Cherry.

It was created for kretek lovers who prefer a cool menthol flavour.
1.0 Mg TAR and 10 Mg Nicotine


6 reviews for Djarum Menthol

Based on 6 reviews
  1. chevy gal

    djarum disappointed me on this one. all around mediocre. blacks (#1) and bali hai’s (#2) are waayyyyy better! Djarum enthusiast still recommended to try though.

  2. Silverfox

    These are the best clove menthol cigarettes I have tried…then I could not find them. Perfection to me!

  3. Cathy

    ~ The DJ Menthol’s were the cigarettes I smoked before the ban. I smoked Kools for many years, tried these and was hooked. I have never gone back to regular smokes again. These are almost impossible to get so my second choice is the DJ Black Menthol’s. Even after all of this time has passed I am still Amazed that I am not able to smoke the brand and type of cigarettes that I choose to smoke….. hmmm, who would have ever thought?

  4. Andre

    Very cigarettic aroma and flavour. I thought it has much more menthol but, a disappointment.

  5. Christine SPOSITO

    Menthol kretek I’ll describe like a regular light cigarette with menthol, with no special taste, but I prefer the real kretek, altough to have taste, kretek must be stronger than classic cigarettes

  6. Barbara Ashley

    These were my most favorite clove menthol cig ever until they discontinued them for whatever reason. I saw them on your website and had to order them. To my surprise they have made them a much thinner cigarette and tripled the price. Enjoyed them but can’t afford them.

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