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Djarum Coklat The taste of excellence. Djarum Coklat is only made with mature tobacco, top grade Srintil tobacco and tree-matured cloves. Blended according to a recipe passed down through generations over 120 years. 38 mg Tar and 2.4 mg Nicotine.

This hand-rolled, unfiltered kretek cigarette blends together top grade Srintil tobacco and tree-ripened cloves, enhanced by a time tested Kudus recipe that results in the uniquely delicious essence and fragrant aroma of Djarum Coklat. It was the first kretek cigarette in the world to incorporate a flavor seal, locking in the taste until the moment of enjoyment.

First launched in 1972, to this day Djarum Coklat remains the best selling hand-rolled cigarette in West Java. An enduring bestseller that provides long lasting satisfaction.

1 carton contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 12 cigarettes.

Author’s review “These hand rolled unfiltered kreteks are amazing. Even without filter the drag is so smooth and the taste is sweet and very tasty. The good thing about these hand rolled kreteks is that they don’t use additives as oppose to the western cigarettes. But they have way more tar compared to other kreteks due to the non filter factor. So far this is the most exotic unfiltered kretek cigarettes I ever taste in my life, this brand is a local legend in Indonesia. it’s sweet clove aroma and fine blended tobacco has made this kretek popular among the east indies residents including the Dutch since the 1970s.”



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32 reviews for Djarum Coklat

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  1. Kretek L

    These were really just as disappointing as the extras. Oddly, these have a little more flavor than the Extras, but still not very prominent. Unfiltered, fairly thick and they don’t taper nearly at all. The smoke is pretty smooth, but it’s very much like a regular cigarette. They have the aroma and taste of the 76s- that unique potpourri-like note, except way less assertive. They are a little sweet, and have quite a eugenol effect even though the cloves are largely undetectable in flavor. The packaging is strange- plastic wrapped cigarettes in a soft pack wrapped in plastic. Not my kind of thing, I gave the rest to a friend.

  2. Jordan Russell

    Construction was consistent; like all kreteks the Coklats were packed very densely, had the conical shape iconic of non-filtered kreteks, and had a long burn time.

    Wrapper had a good simple aesthetic; a wide yellow band with “Djarum” written on it and a gramophone needle below it on the paper.

    Packs came triple-wrapped with an outer plastic shell, inner paper box, and cellophane around the kreteks themselves. 5 Stars for effort in maintaining freshness.

    I found the flavor to be wanting. Not as strong as the Djarum 76s nor as complex. Not as smooth as the Bentoel Sejatis. Eugenol effect not very strong. I did find them to be almost too sweet and had a hard time getting through the entire pack.

    If you’ve had the 76s and liked them and want to try the Coklats I think a comparison will leave you disappointed.

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