Djarum Black T-Shirt

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Length = 71cm

Chest = 50 cm

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Weight165 g

L, M, XL

10 reviews for Djarum Black T-Shirt

  1. cr34npc

    These are very good. Its got a very mellow smooth taste and the menthol capsule is just perfect. One of my new favorites. Im so glad I found this website! But its tough deciding what to buy for each order unless money isnt an issue for you.

  2. Nikk Beach

    Super small

  3. Fnu Kerrigan

    Fit well and the lettering is of high quality. Would suggest emailing to get correct sizing.

  4. jordanbrownsemail

    I don’t like how harsh these were on my throat. The capsule is alright but they only give you 5 with menthol. I just want the ones with the menthol and the grape capsule. The menthol capsule is what does the trick in these cigarettes. Glad I tried them cause now I know they are not for me.

  5. Anonymous

    Wish i could get more.

  6. Anonymous

    Flavor and taste is great

  7. kerrigan.mailbox

    Beautiful shirt. The letters/logo look like very good quality. I’m wearing it right now. It would be a good idea to contact ciggiesworld and ask about the sizes. They measure in ‘cm’. From my experience talking with them the sizes are 50cm, 54cm, and 57cm. Then you take those numbers and multiply them x2. So 50cm = 100cm, etc. That is the measurement for the chest. I wear a medium in mens and I order a 54cm.

  8. JulioSanjuan

    This is a grape flavor menthol cigarette. The grape flavor is subtle. The 5 mint capsule cigarettes were very very good. The filter has a row of perforations on it.

  9. michaxcore

    I bought these since Mevius Option 5 has been sold out. The menthol flavor pop is very strong, I enjoy the grape flavor but I feel my pack was a little stale. Would buy again

  10. DutchHardcore4Life

    Hi guys i would definitely reccomend these. Before you pop any of the capsules inside the filter the tobaaco flavour is great it is a rich tobacco which alone ill would give 5 stars. Its great when you pop the menthol capsule but its even better when you pop the purple capsule, it turns the ciggarettes into a grape flavoured cig and the menthol adds nicely to the grape flavour. I’m definitely buying these again. The only problem is that there is only 5 grape flavoured ones in a pack but still worth it. Im in aus and its so nice to have flavored cigs again πŸ™‚

    Also i give the customer service a 5 star aswell πŸ˜€

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