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CGW Tambolaka Pipe Tobacco 150 grams aged in rope. This one is sold with the tobacco still wrapped in the rope. It has been aged for more than 5 years.

The way Tambolaka is made is very time consuming and similar to perique. Tobacco farmers take the newly harvested leaves and roll them very tightly into long poles about 10 feet long. Then they wrap the poles with rope or cord very tightly and store them for a minimum of 5 years. During that time anaerobic fermentation turns the leaves black.

Tambolaka tobacco are usually sold in slices that you have to cut into cube or shred into lose/shag cut yourself. It is recommended that you steam it to help separate the leaves then you cut them however you’d like. Now what came in the sample was already cut in lose ribbon cut, and apparently its a bit messy and time consuming to actually prepare it yourself.

My notes: Earthly, Leather, slight spice in the back of the throat. It seems to have a much higher nicotine content thus you should have a full stomach before smoking. Very rich, full smoke, and you don’t need to smoke much to feel the nicotine.

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  1. Christopher B.

    This tobacco is nearly unavailable to purchase. This rare tobacco is a wonderful smoke from a reliable seller.

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