CGW Flavored Rolling Tobacco 50g

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CGW Flavored Bako is a series of natural archipelagos tobaccos which have been carefully enriched with different flavours.



CGW Flavored Rolling Tobacco 60g in a pouch. Blended according to a recipe passed down through generations of tobacco blending tradition. CGW Flavored Rolling Tobacco is a blend of locally produced tobaccos source from the archipelagos.

CGW Falvored Bako is a series of natural archipelagos tobaccos which have been carefully enriched with different flavours. Our years of experience in adding taste to tobacco ensures a refined and authentic smoking experience.

Easy to roll by hand or tube injector.


Additional information

Weight 55 g

Banana Milkshake, Blueberry Mint, Cappuccino, Cherry, Chocolate, Special, Strawberry, Strawberry Milkshake, Tiramisu, Vanilla, Whisky

24 reviews for CGW Flavored Rolling Tobacco 50g

Based on 24 reviews
  1. skyk1ll

    The tabacco is okey, but i dont taste something on banana-milchshake and blueberry-mint. i prefer normal flavored cigarettes bcs i cant taste something, but the tabacco is not like normal a little bit special 🙂

  2. bzi110100100

    I tried the blueberry and the flavour isn’t that strong but there’s a decent hit, which was unexpected considering the high humidity of the tobacco. If you don’t have much experience rolling, I would definitely recommend – very easy to roll with. However I would suggest buying your own papers because those Buffalo Bills are a bit rough on the tongue.

  3. Roku

    not great but fine, the flavor isn’t that strong. but if u a big fan of rolling cigarette, I recommend this one, always smooth and nice.

  4. Shane

    All the flavors are good. The special is a little dry but besides that they’re great!

  5. Malcolm M.

    Excellent aroma and taste

  6. Bryan

    Strong strawberry flavor!

  7. Anonymous


  8. Anonymous

    a few too many stems. more like pipe than cigarette tobacco. the tiramasu flavor was quite good though

  9. Mark Knighti

    Yeah it’s pretty good

  10. Mark Knight

    It’s ok

  11. Ricky

    moist and full of flavour a nice mild smoke

  12. Malcolm M.

    Great tobacco price and service

  13. Magdalena A.

    Nice tobacco however the flavour is too strong for my liking

  14. Joey M.

    It’s a little damp, and you definitely have to bust it up a bit before you can use it, but it tastes great. I’ve tried both the cappuccino and tiramisu flavours and loved them both!

  15. Zane Patrick Madhvan

    Meh, wants as harsh towards what I’m used to but wasn’t bad

  16. Anonymous

    Sweetly flavoured but didn’t carry the harsh hit I was looking for

  17. Anonymous

    Terribly weak. Horrible smell

  18. Shaun

    when the package arrived with complimentary lollies, they seemed to make the tobacco taste like the lollies

  19. Roup

    Fine shred makes it easy to roll. It comes very dry so a bit of rehydration is needed to smooth out the smoke. Tiramisu flavor was a nice mild smoke and smells great. Quality tobacco at an excellent price. Definitely worth a try.

  20. natalie

    Good value for money

  21. Rich N.

    Great flavour!! Loved the blueberry mint!! Had to buy 4 more!!

  22. Anonymous

    Ships dry so be sure to rehydrate before use. Tiramisu flavor tastes great, easy to roll and smoke. Great value for price.

  23. Syed Avik


  24. Anonymous

    Mean as

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