CGW Bako Rolling Tobacco 50g

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CGW Bako Rolling Tobacco 50 grams in a resealable bag. Blended according to a recipe passed down through generations of tobacco blending tradition. CGW Bako Rolling Tobacco is a blend of locally produced tobaccos source from the archipelagos. Its distinctively rich, delicious, and fragrant aroma is extremely smooth and soft on the palate.

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Weight35 g

78 reviews for CGW Bako Rolling Tobacco 50g

Based on 77 reviews
  1. Nima198823

    Good tobacco, nice flavor
    Very good smell and aroma
    I haven’t smoked Rolling tobacco for years never thought I would actually enjoy it.

  2. graeme.bell61

    I love this.if a bit stronger would be better but this is nice.easy to roll.has a sweet hint of something i cannlot pick.reasonably strong but smoke of choice now.

  3. Jeff Lee

    I like it. It smells very good and is smooth to smoke. Compared to the mundi victor and country man it’s a lot better. It’s smooth and not harsh to smoke and tastes good. A couple of things about it that are a little bit different to the other tobacco I have tried is that I need to light the cigarettes multiple times because it doesn’t keep burning unless you smoke it fast. The flavour is also quite mellow, most other rolling tobacco I have tried (in my country we have “Port Royal”) are flavoured with rum or other alcohols and have a strong, sweet and noticeable taste but the CGW Bako doesn’t taste like it is flavoured with anything, it just tastes like tobacco.

  4. forgottenmagpie

    Very good tobacco. The perfect amount of moisture for easy rolling. To smoke it is nice and smooth with a hint of flavour. Quality tobacco with no stalk, no chunky bits and no stray sharp pieces. The tobacco burns slowly. I have smokes many various brands over the years and I have to say this Cgw bako is up there with the best! I would recommend.

  5. sharestha.singh.drall

    I love this tobacco, it’s not too sweet and super fragrant

  6. danhallwb

    Nice tobacco with good aroma and smokes well, and took less than 2 weeks for delivery into NZ. do recommend this product.

  7. ctcl_sz

    Good tobacco and great services

  8. Dman

    Nice tobacco with good aroma and smokes well, and took 16 days to show up and despite other reviews it had stalks, sharp and chunky bits.


    Really good quality tobacco. Smooth, tastes great and smells very nice too. Will be ordering again soon.

  10. CanadianTobaccoEnthusiast

    One of the BEST rolling tobaccos I’ve ever smoked. Incredibly smooth on the inhale with absolutely no harshness on the throat. It goes down easier than a light tailored cigarette does. Which for me is ideal. The tobacco has a very pleasant, very sweet aroma to it reminiscent of vanilla.

    I give it a 4 out of 5 star just because although the body of the smoke is fairly full and thick considering how smooth it goes down, I wish there was a bit more of a personality to the taste of the tobacco. A bit more flavor when you hold the smoke in your mouth.

    Very high humidity in the tobacco so I don’t think it will dry out too fast. It’s very easy to roll as it’s cut into a very fine long shag it seems.

    I was told CGW Bako is a blend of sun cured oriental tobaccos and it’s sweet vanilla aroma is a natural smell from the tobacco and not from additives or flavors.

    I would definitely recommend CGW Bako for the quality and you can’t beat the price. $4.30 for 50 g is a steal of a deal. In Canada rolling tobacco sets me back $50 for 50 g and our tobacco selection is awful and always extremely harsh.

    I will be ordering CGW Bako many more times in the future!

  11. Kris

    nice tobacco. fast delivery. great price!

  12. Regan Norman

    Nice smooth taste

  13. D J Hall

    Very nice tobacco! Nice aroma and taste. Every packet has exceeded my expectations. I rate this as good as any tobacco that I can get here in NZ and very affordable.

  14. Brian S.

    It goes alright. Tastes like drum mild

  15. K willow

    Hi. What mg rate would this be.

  16. Jun

    good tonacco

  17. Regan

    great product 10/10

  18. Anonymous

    Good quality for very cheap price compared to $75 in Australia.

  19. Graeme Taylor


  20. Anonymous

    good as always

  21. Graeme Taylor

    The only problem I have is delivery is very slow

  22. vivian h.

    a little dry

  23. Bob M.

    Gr8 tobacco, Gr8 price, the postage $7 , now $10 for my current order is more than double the cost of the tobacco?

  24. Thomas

    Came on time no fuss

  25. Daniel Neall


  26. Magdalena A.

    Smooth to smoke and perfect strength

  27. Ethan

    Very good product as always with Ciggiesworld. Keep in mind that it doesn’t come in the bag pictured but a far more compact one so you may want to transfer it to a larger container.

  28. Samar


  29. Rand M.

    Smooth and mild smoke, easy rolling.

  30. Deb

    Really great tobacco, easy on the throat and easy to smoke, not too strong. Slow arriving into NZ, but wait worth while…..

  31. Anonymous

    good always

  32. Nicole

    Excellent value for money

  33. peter

    excellent value tastes like natural virginia tobacco

  34. Anonymous

    Awesome care to my order and delivery speed! 10/10 would buy again

  35. Anonymous

    Unbeatable price & tastes pretty good. I’m happy.

  36. Tammy T.

    Great product

  37. Anonymous


  38. Peter Tuakeu

    It’s a smooth smoke.. enjoyable

  39. gypsy

    Nicely packaged tobacco.Easy to roll and enjoyable smoke, however shredded it down atab more as it keeps going out once lit, due to the thickness and length of it. I’m going to be a repeat customer and have already placed another order.Good value for money. 100% . Nice speedy delivery (14 days) , Tracking was given immediately on dispatch of items.

  40. damian pokai

    Very smooth and affordable Wich is great.

  41. Elizabeth T.

    Easy smoke

  42. geraldme

    Good tobacco, cheap price & fast delivery!

  43. gerald mercure

    Hi, very good tobacco, fast delivrey !

  44. Big C.

    Very good for the price, bit of a different taste that took a while to get used too. Some very low quality tobacco mixed in which made up about 15% of the pouch.

  45. Anonymous

    This tobacco is pretty decent, Well worth the price.

  46. Zachary Talaileva

    Wish you sent 1 by 1 in bulk orders

  47. gerald mercure

    Ok thanks, good as always !

  48. Anonymous

    Was different to any tobacco i had ever smoked but was pretty good considering the price compared with the highway robbery in my country of over $100 per 50 gram

  49. murray pope

    nice tobacco

  50. Anonymous

    Was hard to smoke alittle wet but we’ll worth your money.

  51. Anonymous

    Very good

  52. Selina

    Never had any issues great company to deal with

  53. Nico

    Great flavor, good condition, shipping error was corrected and product was received packaged nicely.

  54. Susan L.

    My friend says they taste way better than the commercially produced ones. A big saving and a superior product.

  55. Anonymous


  56. Ronny Gale


  57. vivian hancock

    my wife enjoys this blend

  58. Anonymous

    good services all the time

  59. Charles Blocker

    Best of the bunch, smooth smoke and easy to roll.

  60. David Weikum

    Excellent in every way – Thank you!

  61. Syed Avik


  62. James

    Very nice tobacco smooth taste and has a vanilla flavour

  63. Tracey

    Superb value for money. Milder than what I’m used too but previous reviews clearly stated that before I purchased. Very happy with this tobacco and have purchased numerous times now and will continue to do so.
    Top job CiggiesWorld.

  64. dagirl

    Mild flavor bit dry shag was quite long had to cut it up. Had to puff really hard to get a good hit. Otherwise Ok for price. 2 weeks delivery to NZ.

  65. Anonymous

    nice golden tobacco. well priced and seems less processed than most tobacco. great service from cgw as always.

  66. Henri Sivusaari

    Supprisingly good

  67. Joshua A.

    On the weak side but very good value

  68. Patrick

    A decent tobacco that smokes well and offers terrific value. I tend to mix it with my regular tobacco 50/50.
    Definitely recommend trying.

  69. Christine

    Better than I had expected. A little mild for my usual liking but very happy with the taste. I’ll keep buying more. Thankyou

  70. Philip Pine

    Nice smoke

  71. IndyNate

    Beautiful golden shag, lovely floral and white raisin notes unburnt. Roles nicely. Lights well, smokes well. Even burn. Unbelievably mild. I had to assure I was smoking, no joke. Gorgeous plumes of smoke and even burn tho seemingly ‘wet’. Leaves a unique vanilla/apple/cocoa butter finish. Incredibly unique smoke worth trying. They give this away.

  72. Sam S.

    I like this product as it is similar to North American Brands

  73. John

    harsh but good for the price

  74. Oscar S.


  75. Anonymous

    this is a very mellow smoke…mix it with other stronger tobaccos for the perfect cigarette

  76. Danilo R.

    tobacco does not come with paper or filter, they should have warned

  77. Anonymous

    Excellent tobacco. Will buy again.

  78. Anonymous

    Good deal.

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