CGW American Menthol 50g

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Enhance with premium menthol and blended from selected Turkish tobacco, air cured burley and Virginian tobacco to deliver consistent taste. The brands which are based on American blend include Winston, Marlboro, L&M, Lucky Strike, Monte Carlo, Golden Gate and others.

Perfected by a time tested American blend that results in the uniquely delicious essence and fragrant aroma of CGW American Menthol.

Equivalent to 8 mg Tar 0.6 mg Nicotine when you rolled it to King Size cigarettes.

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Weight35 g

14 reviews for CGW American Menthol 50g

  1. Anonymous

    Great but not really menthol

  2. Brandon S.

    Strangely I’ve noticed the menthol variant is stronger in terms of nicotine, didn’t taste any menthol though. This is a very budget tobacco, so don’t expect quality.

  3. Finn R.

    Came through a little dry in the post but nothing a bit of water and leaveing it a few hours couldn’t fix. It tasted good and had some cloves mixed through. The menthol wasn’t too overpowering either.

  4. Anonymous

    Very good

  5. Anonymous

    quality wasn’t quite what I’m use too but but it was ok. I have since purchased mored it is better quality. Would like it to be more menthol. Service was great arrived on time. Thank you.

  6. HandRoller

    Cheap tobacco but a nice smoke. Very smooth. No throat hit but can taste the menthol as a non-menthol smoker. My mother who smokes menthol said it had no menthol taste without a menthol filter.
    She mixes it with her shop purchased brand and enjoys it a lot.
    Packaging is 5/5 as always.
    (Sydney Aus)

  7. Anonymous

    the first 2 packs i got were really bad and chunky, not ordering again

  8. Alexander

    lots of granular pieces was a light menthol flavor. packaged well

  9. Anonymous

    Very good but not really menthol no problem still good

  10. natalie

    Awesome for price

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