Camel Purple Mint

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Camel Activate Purple Mint – Control your flavor – Press to Activate.

20 Class A cigarettes. 8mg of tar and 0.6mg of nicotine

This cigarette is the first cigarette containing “tangy” capsule in Asia. This has become a trend in the Asian countries with the presence of this excellent products from Japan Tobacco International (JTI). They also produce other similar brands such as Winston Purple Mint and Mevius Options.

Camel Activate Purple Mint is a menthol cigarette with the additional grape-flavor “boost” capsule (in this case adding a sense of “tangy” to a cigarette). Purple capsule in this cigarette has a slightly different function compared to Marlboro Ice Blast. In the case of Marlboro Ice Blast, the taste of the cigarettes after clicked does not change so dramatically, there is only a slight sensation of mint but with a stronger menthol. While in this cigarette at first just the usual menthol taste, but after clicked the grape flavor will kick in. So this Camel Purple Mint is more comparable to Marlboro Purple Burst.

Camel of Japan Tobacco International since 1913.



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85 reviews for Camel Purple Mint

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  1. jessi

    I bought these thinking “berry mint might taste good” and that is not the case.

  2. Tomhuynh90

    It’s alright…menthol Is insane though, don’t get me wrong I like it but i dont really taste grape at all. Maybe I’m popping the filter too early or something, but the menthol just overpowers the grape like crazy. These are just too hyped up…i don’t know about you guys either, but I get a strange after taste that lingers in my mouth for a bit as well.

  3. JulioSanjuan

    This is a grape menthol flavor cigarette. The grape flavor is subtle but especially noticable at the end of the cigarette.

    I would have liked a more strong grape flavor.

  4. Chris W.

    Very strong flavour even without activating

  5. Anonymous

    Came to Australia within 3 weeks, pack is beautiful and so are the filters on the smokes. The flavour is alright with and without the bead popped, only thing I dislike is the aftertaste it’s leaving. Will be ordering from ciggiesworld again but probably not a menthol next time.

  6. Anonymous

    Very smooth but not grapey enough for me

  7. Justin O’Connor

    Taste better without the pop. Not bad pretty good. But Camel is s good brand anyways. The purple mint taste like a candy not a smoke.

  8. Anonymous

    its alright

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