Bohem Cubana Double Apple Mint

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Bohem Cigar Cubana Double – Cuban Inspiration No.6

Bohem Cigar Cubana is inspired by passion of Havana City, the heart of Cuba. Blended 20% of cigar leaves with distinctive scent of cubana will take you to the exotic scenery in Havana in this moment.

New Cuban Freshness. Crush the capsule, double your inspirations. It delivers an exotic fresh taste by blending 20% fine cigar leaf.

Bohem Cigar Cubana Double – 20 class A cigarettes. 6 Mg of tar and 0.5 Mg of nicotine.

Made in Korea KT&G.


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Weight33 g

28 reviews for Bohem Cubana Double Apple Mint

Based on 28 reviews
  1. John

    For me, I always smoked Bohem Cigar Mojoto before and I always wanted to try this one. Finally I got it. Even you don’t click the capsule, you can taste very sweet menthol flavor.

  2. Betty Diaz

    This cigarette surprised me . I thought it was a full menthol and failed to read the apple part . I’ve had their mojito ones and found them ok but a bit too much like a flavored vape . These are stronger menthol with a sweet green apple taste . Though they are ok , I’m still just a true menthol lover and don’t like fruity taste in my cigarettes. If you do , you can’t go wrong with these and much nicer than grape alternatives . As always exceptional service from this company. I was so hesitant at first and now I’m a monthly buyer .

  3. JulioSanjuan

    This cigarette has a mojito (lime) taste without the flavor cap crushed. With the cap crushed, there is a great great menthol flavor. The apple taste is subtle, the menthol taste slightly minty.

    The filter has several lines of micro-perforations. I cover these with a rolling paper gum to get a full-flavor cigarette.

    This is one of my favorite smokes on this site. I’d buy them regularly.

  4. Renato

    These are nice change of pace and the cigar leaf adds a nice earthiness to the menthol and apple flavors

  5. Jessica K.

    not a fan, but they came fresh. I paid the extra shipping on tracking, so received earlier then the typical month to Canada.

  6. Samuel P.

    Awesome taste and smoke

  7. Mark

    Great taste but the packaging and cigarettes are low quality

  8. Mark

    Great taste for a good price

  9. Carolee W.

    Really enjoy this flavor- Very refreshing Have ordered again thank you

  10. Anonymous

    Superior flavour, similar to Marlboro crush

  11. Carolee W.

    Nice with or without the fresh ‘pop’ of minty apple

  12. Robin

    Smooth and nice flavour

  13. neiriz behizad

    Loved it

  14. Paul West

    Brilliant service. I was worried if I would receive to UK – but 15 days after ordering they arrived. 10 packs of Bohem. Thanks so much.

  15. Andrew L.

    Excellent product, will definitely purchase again

  16. Ivan

    My favorite capsule ciggie, just try it and you wont be able to forget the taste of double mojito in your mouth. Perfect size makes for a great break time ciggie.

  17. jennyC

    Again amazing service from CiggiesWorld, fast shipping, legit cigs,
    I definitely liked these. The apple burst is subtle but it is a super icy menthol! Nice and refreshing.

  18. Billie Jean T.

    Taste like apple Now and later candies. Burn a bit fast. Enjoyable!

  19. Stéphane Barbara

    agréable au gout

  20. Zachary

    Package in great condition from crossing half the world!

  21. Anonymous

    not bad but just personally not a fan

  22. hugo_soarez

    It´s 100% a normal menthol cigarette, if you like normal menthol cigarettes its a good smoke, but if you bought it for the ” Apple capsule” like i did you will be dissapointed because there no fruity flavour or of any other type at all , just 100% menthol.

  23. Diana

    10/10 product.

  24. Hugo Coelho

    Only tastes like menthol , dosent taste like apple at all

  25. Anonymous

    The absolute best cigarettes i ever had. They even taped a cookie to them. I definitely will order from ciggiesworld again

  26. Kerry Louise Davies

    Taste really good.

  27. Anonymous

    Didn’t really taste with the ball but it was ok

  28. Anonymous

    They are very nice. You incredibly feel the Mojito flavour. The cigarette is light …

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