Bohem No.6

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Bohem No.6 – Journey for the real taste.

Bohem Cigar, containing 30% of fine cigar leaf, offers the rich taste and aroma of distinctive tobacco.

6 Mg of tar and 1.0 Mg of nicotine. 1 carton contains 10 packs. 1 pack contains 20 cigarettes.

Minimum Order 3 Pack!


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14 reviews for Bohem No.6

Based on 14 reviews
  1. Konami

    Thank YOU so much…you guys are the best and I love the personal touch you put into every order..Keep up the excellent work and I will continue to enjoy the worlds best ciggies…

  2. Dawzzy

    I bought these as a gift for my father-in-law and was told they were “absolutely wonderful.”

    Due to an error in shipping I also wound up with some of the Mojito flavor of these same cigs and my friends said they are best tasting ones they’ve ever tried. Almost makes me wish I still smoked.

  3. Jokesta

    My new favorite cigarette, has a really nice smell and a really flavorsome smoke

  4. kenny

    This is by far one of the best – if not best – cigarettes I’ve ever had. This puts the quality in quality and the flavor in flavor. It gives you that rich, beautiful tobacco flavor that keeps you going drag after drag. It gives you more of an authentic taste vs. the “chemically induced taste” that most cigarettes give off nowadays. I did not sense any harshness in these cigs, yet they delivered a beautiful rich body – not too airy and not too dense. To sum it up, it’s extremely flavorsome and may damn well be my new favorite cigarette.

    Flavor – 10/10
    Smoothness – 9/10
    Body – 9/10
    Packaging – 10/10

    Would I recommend these to someone? Definitely yes.

    Would I buy these again? Definitely yes.

  5. SKim

    Time and time again, I am very impressed by this brand. I’ve recently tried the No.5s Minis which were also excellent.

    The body is nice and the taste is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend this brand.

  6. Bg Daddy

    Incredible stuff!

  7. Nikola

    Bohem no.6 has fantastic and smooth flavour and is just the right strength for me (medium). Service by CiggiesWorld is second to none. The packages arrive within a week or two max. unless the customs stop them for tax. So far out of the 10 parcels – 2 were taxed, however, even with the tax it is still cheaper and better quality of cigarettes than the Australian ones. Thanks CiggiesWorld!

  8. Canadian Toker

    A great, medium smoke. Little airy compared to what I’m used to but very pleasant considering the use of cigar leaf.

    One of the most enjoyable smokes I’ve had from CiggiesWorld so far and as always, amazing service! Will order again!

  9. Nikola

    Excellent cigarette. The 30% cigar tobacco gives it an enjoyable and surprisingly smooth smoke.

  10. Nikola

    Although, this is my favourite brand and up to last order quality was A1, the last batch, although not bad, didn’t have that typical aroma of Bohem’s 30% cigar tobacco.

  11. Anonymous

    I’ve never got this one. I got a wrong one.

  12. Nikola

    Bohem cigar #6 are my favs. CiggiesWorld are the best!

  13. Anonymous

    A very earthy and tobbaco orientated cigarette. Good quality would be nice if the nicotine was higher would give it a 5 for the reason only.

  14. Abram Faas

    I love the great flavor but they burn up a little faster than I like

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