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Bohem Mojito – Cuban Freshness no.6

New Cuban Freshness. It will deliver an exotic fresh taste by blending 20% fine cigar leaf with natuarl lime, mint and rum.

20 Class A Filter Cigarettes. 6 Mg of tar and 0.5 Mg of nicotine.

Bohem Cigar Mojito is inspired by the original Cuban cocktail. It will delivers exotic fresh taste by blending 20% fine cigar leaf with natural lime, mint and rum. The journey for the real taste will go on.

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15 reviews for Bohem Mojito

  1. Kenny

    Really nice taste and scent, friends are also big fans.

  2. kenny

    Good. Good. Good. These cigarettes taste exactly how they are described in the “advertisement.” Quality tobacco with that beautiful mojito flavor coming in with a light touch of refreshing menthol, along with a beautiful, classy design on the pack. Produces a beautiful body, thick enough to enjoy without that burning harshness.

    Flavor – 9/10
    Smoothness – 8/10
    Body – 9/10
    Packaging – 10/10

    Would I recommend these to someone? Definitely yes.

    Would I buy these again? Definitely yes.

  3. Kristopher

    Love love the Bohem Cigar Mojito, hopefully in the future you guys also carry more variety of Bohem.. like the Bohem Cigar Cubana Cuban Inspiration No.6 Double

  4. DS

    These are not kretek cigarettes. But more of a menthol light cigarette. They are very mild and smooth. No sweet tip to them. Good body and flavor. Personally I think I smell the mojito (lime/mint) scent before lighting. But after lighting it just tastes like a smooth, mild menthol to me. Very good quality tobacco. Only reason for 4 stars is because it wasn’t a kretek, my favorite type of cigarette. But these are high standard cigs and you’ll be happy with them.

  5. Yeeun

    If you like menthol cigarettes then you will probally like these , think lime menthol , also these are smooth and for me they are more like a cigarette when i thought they were going to be cigarellos , paper is white with white/blue filter , shipping takes sometime from overseas but you will be happy with your order , good customer service was quick and friendly in replying to email , i usually order from various online stores but ciggiesworld is great for flavored cigarettes and nice being able to build a custom carton to try all the great smokes

  6. Jerry

    It is a really nice cig, it really surprised me with the lime menthol flavor, although this cig don’t have a strong body, I have to say it is still a good cig

  7. jonathan

    I can’t really taste the lime flavor that others are talking about but you can definitely smell it upon opening the pack. It smokes like a light cigarette and is very smooth. I probably wouldn’t buy these again just because I’m tired of the menthol/ice flavor but if you like menthol this would be the cigarette for you.

  8. JulioSanjuan

    This is a menthol mojito (lime) cigarette. The mojito flavor is there when smoking.

    There are several lines of micro-perforations on the filter tip. I cover these with a rolling paper gum for a full flavor cigarette.

  9. Xiaotong Z.

    I like it

  10. katrinzh99

    menthol is not too strong, body is a little weak.

  11. Anonymous

    nice, easy to smoke

  12. neiriz behizad

    Good and minty

  13. f-keller


  14. Andrew L.

    Great product, nice taste


    I bought these back in 2013-2014. And I distinctly remember the sweet lime taste when smoking. Like most bohem/Korean cigarettes, they’re on the lighter side

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