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Bentoel Internasional Investama is an Indonesian tobacco company. In June 2009, British American Tobacco, the world’s second largest tobacco company, acquired an 87% stake in Bentoel. In early 2010, the company became a member of BAT. Later, BAT decreased its stake in Bentoel to 60% with the owning of Japan Tobacco’s stake in Bentoel 40%

Bentoel Blue was re-launch in early 2007 with the new taste packaging (hologram-based paper).

Available in 16 cigarettes pack. Bentoel Biru (Biru means blue in Indonesian) offers its new taste sensation & rewards smoker by providing the sense of pride as being present Indonesian men.

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  1. Selectivity

    Bentoel Biru (Blue)has a nice scent, unlit. You can smell the cloves and tobacco, but they are subdued. The filter paper is sweetened in a nice, if somewhat subdued, manner. Smoking this cigarette,the tobacco seems to be fairly rich yet at the same time quite subdued. The clove taste is there, but it is very subdued. The cigarettes did crackle a lot, but the crackling from all 12 cigarettes (12-pack, not 16-pack) was noticeably quieter than the crackling from other kreteks; in fact, the crackling was subdued. Bentoel Biru does have a pleasant honeyish sweetness though, that shockingly isn´t subdued.

    With all the subduedness going on, this still isn´t a bad cigarette at all. There is no unpleasant taste, the honey isn´t anywhere near being too sweet or prominent, and after smoking these, I felt like I had smoked a proper cigarette. I missed the full clove and tobacco taste while smoking them, but afterwards, I was satified. Very odd indeed.

    I am unlikely to buy these again, with cigarettes like Djarum Super, GG Surya Exclusive, GG Signature and various unfiltereds being available, but they were certainly a different experience. Could be a good cigarette for introducing non-kretek smokers to kreteks, perhaps. Just be aware that Bentoel Biru is… well… subdued.

    Ciggies World, on the other hand, is unashamedly excellent in every way. Order with confidence.

  2. TC

    These are quite enjoyable and comparable to GG Pros, although slightly less sweet and understated in terms of flavor. However, the body (amount of smoke) is very good and perhaps a bit more than GG Pros. The nicotine is 1.9 mg a bit more than GGpros but not noticeably more.

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