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555 State Express – Blend No. 555 Original

20 King Size cigarettes. Virginia Tobacco. 11mg of tar and 1.1mg of nicotine

State Express since 1896.

Made under the authority of CTBAT International.

All cigarettes sold in store are Non-FSC.

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15 reviews for 555 Original

Based on 15 reviews
  1. Lovin Johnson

    These smokes are a little bold and harsh. But they are rich and extremely flavourful like camels. They are faster burning too. They are worth it though.

  2. Kelvin

    A really nice tasting cigarette.

  3. sarah

    As a long-time smoker, I can say that the 555 State Express Originals from ciggiesworld are the finest cigarette I have ever tasted–similar to Dunhill Internationals, but far smoother and more evenly burning. The give a fine, white ash that will hold all the way down to the filter if you let it–and the last puff tastes just as good as the first. Although they are a full-strength cigarette, their smoothness and richness of blend gives them a ‘light,’ easy to smoke quality.

  4. holmes6767

    Good quality cigarette. A reasonably satisfying smoke. Seems to burn a bit quicker than usual reaching the filter a bit too soon.Other than that a really decent smoke. Good value.Quite satisfied having smoked it.

  5. jubrown4

    Flavor isn’t terrible, seems like I got a stale pack or something because it has kind of a dirty or old taste to it. Its kind of tolerable though, the main thing that’s odd to me is the smell upon opening the pack. it has a very odd smell like perfume and not good perfume either. I hate to complain because I have only good experiences with ciggiesworld, this pack though does not smell good. Sad to say but it smells like the air freshener or that blue stuff they put in porta potties. I’m sure not all packs are like this but mine was, glad I only bought 1 pack. I’m giving it 3 stars because the flavor when smoked almost eliminates the perfume smell entirely.

  6. mikedongyx

    I hate complain, but it seems sort of old. And when I opened the package, it smells pretty terrible. It is hard to describe the smell, but I am pretty sure this batch of cigs get something wrong, it does not taste good at all.
    I had pretty good experience from website.

  7. Anonymous

    Good smoke

  8. John

    Good service and product quality. One downside is the dunhill red and blue are no longer finecut tobaccos any more and they are not as smooth and aromatic like before.

  9. Anonymous


  10. jojorobino5312

    Very rich smell out of the pack. Those filters are long and I thought it would ruin the smoke, but to my surprise, not at all as the both the taste and strength came through nicely. Will definitely buy these again.

  11. alexander g.

    These are in my top 3 favorite smoke. Freshness was perfect, taste is delicious. Plan on buying many more.

  12. Jorge

    Awesome discovery, became instantly one of my favorites, great taste and aroma, there’s nothing like it in Europe.

  13. rafajafa

    Slightly stale, smooth cigarette, nothing out of this world.
    Buy it once if you have to, never tried etc.
    But that’s all I do not recommend this.

  14. John

    I have smoked since 13, now I am 33 these ciggarettes leave the biggest chemical taste on my tongue that no other brand seems to have.

  15. Verified Buyer

    Incredible cigs

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